• A new map pool: 2019 season 1

    The time has come to prove your bot on new playgrounds - if you want to.

  • BWAPI 4.3.0 is dead, long live BWAPI 4.4.0

    BASIL no longer supports BWAPI 4.3.0. But: BASIL now supports BWAPI 4.4.0. Thanks again Hannes Bredberg for the new release!

  • BWAPI 4.3.0 support

    BASIL now supports BWAPI 4.3.0. Thanks Hannes Bredberg for the new release!

  • Updates to Rules and Webpage

    Most of these changes were mentioned on Discord. Time for an update post!

  • BASIL reboot

    I did a major rewrite of how BASIL server was working. The previously aggregated data would be hard to integrate and was flawed anyways, so it was ‘discarded’. You can still get all previously aggregated data, it’s packed in a large bz2 file and available in Replays & Results.

  • Welcome to the BASIL ladder

    Going live of BASIL. It works “good enough” for now:

    • Most bots from SSCAIT are supported and should run fine.
    • I found at least one bot which is not working: AyyyLmao (a problem with loading the DLL in java).
    • Based on SC_DOCKER (if it doesn’t work out, I’ll consider switching to VMs).
    • Game results are available as JSON files in Replays&Results above.
    • Replays are also obviously available there.
    • Game and bot logs as well as crash logs are also available inside.
    • ELO ratings for all participating bots are available.
    • Bugs, misconfiguration/-calculation and crashes are plenty 😅

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